In Case You Wanted To Know....

~ I am a procrastinator with ADD (not a good combo)

~I think I tend to talk wayyyy too much and detailed sometimes

~I can touch my tongue to my nose

~I am a daddy's girl BIGGGG TIME

~I have battled depression most of my life but have come a long way to being a more positive person

~I have 2 tattoos and want more!  (One of them is a tribute to my mother who passed from cancer)

~I don't act my age.  I love to have fun and be silly whenever I can.  Laughter is therapeutic for depression

~I LOVE to blog

~I care as much for the friends in my life just about as much as I do my own family and would do anything for them

~I tend to be too empathetic (vs. sympathetic) when trying to listen to someone's troubles.

3in1try 3in1try
36-40, F
Mar 3, 2010