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Look. Don’t bother! I KNOW what would happen if this lot was analysed and turned into a profile… So best not really…

1/ I worry. Folks, no sweat – just get on with your lives. I worry enough for everyone! Always have. My ex wife suggested I stop worrying about things I cannot control; so I worried about who would worry about the defenceless if I followed her advice…

2/ I am always tired. I get to rest properly at weekends; but would prefer to use the time to actually DO things – so I end up staying tired. Strangely this does not worry me.

3/ I adore cooking. I love to experiment – with texture and flavours. Give me a dozen friends with varying likes and dislikes food wise and I am in heaven. I would run a restaurant in my own home for them and love it.

4/ I love my job. (There is a group here dedicated to it) I really do. It, I suppose, tempers the worrying because I get to help people for a living and get a real kick when my advice works out for them. Oh, and I work in an environment with a number of people who feel the same way; which makes it fun!

5/ I love the sound of my own voice. Not as an actor – not really. And I am NOT a constant talker… But I get to talk, make presentations and speeches for a living and I LOVE being able to pause, emphasise, use dramatic effect and get the point across.

6/ I am a whole suitcase of contradictions… I am just as happy to sit and listen and observe people without making a sound. For hours if I can. That is probably two things really; but what the hell! I will never understand me – I have more chance of understanding women…

7/ I love toys. Children’s things – I have a train set, which will never be finished because I keep finding models and scenery to add to it. I am creating my own little world, thank you.

8/ I hate DIY and decorating. Odd, because I like to create; but everyone I have ever lived with has been a keen painter, decorator and interior designer. Not through choice; it just worked out that way. As my ex (again) pointed out – and not unkindly - “darling you are a civil servant; a servant of the Crown. You don’t DO manual labour”. It’s not compulsory for men to like putting up shelves.

9/ I cry. I am ok with it – I think emotions should be expressed. Films, sentiments, beauty. They can make me cry. Though I try not to cry at funerals.

10/ I have to have music. I am a musician. Music is a fundamental; a necessity. Deprive me of my hearing and – if that meant I lost the radio I have in my head; I would die.

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A crash course in who hawk2002. Thanks. I also love children's toys and I have a dolls house which I have spent hours making perfect. My husband has a train set which he has also been collecting for some time. The children get to play with both of them as a reward for being good but they do not realise that we like playing too! :o)