10 Useless Tidbits

01. I cringe everytime the phone rings

OMG, I dunno where to start with this one. I never was one for talking on the phone, then again growing up it was always my sister who was hogging the phone, and therefore I never really used it much. For some strange reason, every time the phone rings I cringe and hope like hell that it isn't for me. Then again of the people who call my mother and my sister only call cause they want something, my supposed best friend ... well let's just say that I have outgrown him so much that I cannot stand talking to him.

02. I don't eat cheese of any kind

No, I'm not allergic to it, nor am I lactose intolerant. I have never liked cheese, and I refuse to eat it. I dunno if it's the texture or the taste. But I will eat cheese on my pizza, and I will even eat just a plain cheese pizza if that is all there is. I will even take the parmesian cheese (Stinky cheese as my late grandfather used to call it) and dump tons of it on my slice of pizza as it's yummy. But just to eat a slice of cheese, or the rope cheese, or even to put it on a sandwich or a burger ... *ick* ... no thank you!

03. I take random pictures of the sky

I am no photographer, nor do I pretend to be. But I have this odd desire to run out and take pictures of the sky, be it a sunrise, a sunset, clouds, an approaching storm ... even a blue sky. I also try to get pictures of the full moon, but those don't always turn out. No I almost never share them as they aren't anything spectacular, just an odd hobby of mine for no real reason at all.

04. I love to view webcams

I don't think anyone really wants me to go into detail with this one. But I won't ever turn down an offer to view a webcam (Yes I'm a shameless hussy and I don't give a rat's *** what anyone thinks of it or me). But I can honestly say that it has been a long time since the last one I viewed. I just have no real desire to do so at the moment, then again I'm a married woman and I am completely faithful to my husband.

05. I really am antisocial

As strange as this may seem to most people, I am highly antisocial in real life. Unless you are a close friend or I have known you a long time, there is a good chance that I won't hardly talk to you unless spoken too first. I have never really been a people person. Not to mention I am highly introverted and in a way kind of enjoying it.

06. I'm afraid of getting lost in a large crowd of people

*shudders in fear* I tremble at the thought of being in crowded places, and it partially stems from being claustrophobic and a reoccuring childhood fear of being seperated from those I know and being lost forever. Then again it might have something to do with being antisocial and introverted. I mean when I was 14 I passed up a chance to go to Six Flags alone as it would mean having to be in large crowds of people whom I don't know and don't really trust. Yeah, fear much?

07. I have a fear of needles but I have a tattoo

I always feel like passing out when I spot needles of any kind, unless they are like sewing needles, as I know that they aren't going to be puncturing me in any part of my body. I'm not sure if it is the fact that needles always inject some odd drug or solution into your body, and I know that it's not the needle that hurts it's the alcohol they use to prep the spot with that causes the pain. Yet I do have a tattoo and let me tell you, it didn't bother me one bit to get the tattoo done, one it was free, and two I wanted it. Then again I have more I want, but if anyone has ever gotten a tattoo then the needles they use don't really look like an injection needle and I think that is why I am a-okay with it.

08. I find most body piercings to be sexy

Although I don't have any yet, as I am afraid of pain (Another oddity of mine), but I dream of getting at least 9 of my own. But on most guys and girls the piercings are hawt as long as they aren't too over the top like those stupid ones that overly stretch the holes and ****, or those dumb and crazy corset piercings, that have no value what so ever as they are only temporary and not worth the price. But give me sexy snake bites (If you are unsure, ask and I will find you a reference picture *drools melting at the thought*) anyday and I'm yours!

09. I'm submissive to guys and dominant to girls

Yes I am PROUD to be Bi-Sexual, in fact I like to consider myself a Tri-Sexual as I will try anything once, twice if I am uncertain the first time around. Yet for some reason with a guy I prefer to be the one dominated although at very select and rare times I will turn the tables and take the upper hand. But with females I prefer to be dominant and on select rare occassions I will play submissive, but it is so hard to do. Yeah I dunno why it turns out that way, but it does and what better way to be when it comes to the best of both worlds?

10. I love school

Yup, you read that correctly. I love school and I love to learn. I was the one kid out of the whole school that would literally cry when summer break came. Not because I didn't have anything to do all summer, but because I love to go to school and learn new things. I mean come on, it doesn't get any more geekier then being twelve years old and reading the entire encyclopedia from cover to cover, A to Z plus the Index.

UselessTidbits UselessTidbits
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Cool! I dont like needles but have tatt, Im also bisex but I love to dominate both guys and girls :P