Me In A Nutshell

1.  I cry easily (wildlife programs, sappy Christmas commercials, etc.)

2.  My body hair grows extraordinarily fast.  (I am a human chia pet)

3.  I fall in love too easily

4.  Am addicted to the internet

5.  Am a closet air guitarist

6.  Am double-jointed at the hip

7.  Had my ear bitten off by a stray dog the summer after 8th grade

This is hard

8.  Am an emotional whirlwind (my sister says I am my own climate zone)

9.   Have an explosive temper (does that fall into #8?  Not sure, so I'm going with it)

10.  Write erotic short stories (that might be in my experiences so you may already know that)

LadyChatterley LadyChatterley
46-50, F
Mar 4, 2010