10 Things...

1. My greatest fear is failure.

2. I get lonely very often

3. My mom is my best friend

4. Suzieb1971 is my best on-line friend

5. I love watching Food Network, especially Guy Fieri

6. I am obsessed with Christina Aguilera, i love her music and everything about her.

7. I'm also afraid I'll never find someone to love me.

8. At 25, almost 26, I have never kissed a man... so you know that means I'm also a .....

9. I hold onto the things in my past for far too long and let them haunt me.

10. I miss BMC when I don't get to talk to him everyday.

Stripped628 Stripped628
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Well I hope you are right and he's out there somewhere.

You are a rare jewel that some man is going to find and want for his own. Don't be negative about it, take time to enjoy it and don't settle for just any man, hang on until you find your man. But you do have to go looking occasionally.

Thank you.

Thats a very honest post, hope the best for you :)

Love you too Suzie. Thanks.