I love how people are turning this into their life story. Here are my simple 10!

1. I love ice cream more than any other food.

2. I have a fear of rubber bands.

3. I have a motorbike licence

4. I will never ever, ever wear yellow.

5. I write my 'S' backwards.

6. I'm a widow and i'm 21 years old.

7. Im hell grumpy in the mornings.

8. People who eat with their mouths open disgust me

9. I love watching competitive sports.

10. I can make my thumbs touch my wrists.

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Fern, its nice to hear other opinions, im glad to hear if i ever go crazy and start wearing yellow at least one person will think i look ok :)

My favourite would have to be cookies and cream, by far! But i enjoy all kinds... hence the my deep love for ice cream ;)

I just think it looks horrible on blondes to wear yellow.... its not a flattering colour to anyone in my opinion...

Let's see. This is my generic offering:<br />
1. I like white cheeses (usually)<br />
2. My toenails are painted metallic blue<br />
3. My computer gets worked on tonight -<br />
4. I love my cell phone but don't enjoy talking on it -<br />
5. I want a cell phone that takes pictures<br />
6. I'm in the red again this month...<br />
7. Love to read British mystery books.<br />
8. Writing poetry can be very difficult sometimes.<br />
10. CSI Las Vagas is my favourite TV show.<br />
<br />
Gads, enough already.