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1 Im a sex junkie, 2 I solve my mates prob,and not my own,3 I had my son at  20 1 wk before my 21st.4 Im the youngest of 7.,5 Never knew my mom,dad rear us.6 I was a tomboy.7 My dad had a drink prob.8 Im to soft and hurt easy.9 I wake up every morning and thank God me and kids are safe.And 10 I lost my little girl 8 months ago she was ten days old LILLIE GRACE LOVE YOU XXXXX.FROM MUMMY

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life is a journey...not always what we expect it to be....but def worth the ride :)

I admire you because you came through a diffiucult experience without allowing it to destroy you. You have one of the most important strengths in life, and you have wisely held on ot that strength for the sake of your other children. That inner strength is called resiliencre. You have adapted to what life has dished to you and you keep growing. You most honor your daughter by being your best self.

1 Love doing and thinking about sex a lot<br />
2 Easy going <br />
3 Problem solver to everyone {except my own}<br />
4 Sports nut<br />
5 Do not suffer fools gladly<br />
6 hate working would rather be rich and spend my time partying.<br />
7 can read people very well even first time meeting them<br />
8 when at work i work hard but somtimes i party harder<br />
9 I somtimes wish my life away.<br />
10 I miss my Mum and dad they were my rocks so to speak<br />
<br />
Sorry to hear about your troubles i hope you and your other kids get your life back together Gods speed

Yes and brighter days have come,thank you hugs.

I lost 3 before they were born I know the sheer feeling of despair and loss, mine were all under 12 weeks. Dont know if you ever heard of this but... when you go to heaven they will be there.

Yes, life can be so hdifficult and so sad.<br />
<br />
I hope that there is joy in your life with your family and friends.

I am sorry for your loss.....

I am so sorry for your loss......

Thank you all,but it is just one thing i can never talk about...openly.

Sorry ... Sad ones..Many,many hugs n lov! In my prayers! XoX<br />
May u find comfort here..

aw Im so sorry for the last one x