I Do Know Chris Wants It -i Watched Her!

Chris's first time happened when we were married about 8 years, she was 31 at the time & the pictures of her were taken around that time as well.

One night about 3 years into our marriage ( second for us both) I asked her to tell me about what fantasies she had, something she would like that would make sex better for her. I was hoping to find some thing to help return our sex life to some sembleance of what it was in the months we had lived together before we married, at that time I was actually hoping that the intensity would slow down a bit as Chris was always ready for sex & was the best in bed I had ever known. However, to keep her happy was an EVERY night affair, often several times & was leaving me rather tired as I had two jobs at the time. As the saying goes "be careful what you wish for" because the instant we were married, I mean, the very night of our wedding, everything changed! Chris was still as great at sex as always --WHEN you could get her interested.

Years later I found that this change was a result of her mothers attitude toward marriage & sex. In a nutshell she had extreme guilt over having sex with her husband, but not with a man she was not married to.which was why it was so good for a time. It became an issue , in that 2 -3 weeks would go by till with great reluctance she would agree, then while we were having sex she was ,as I said, great, but the second it was over --it was over-- no cuddeling or cooing or after glow . I always felt like I was getting dropped about 3 stories---- on my head.

Romance , candlelight etc were not her Forte at all , seduction did not work with her, there was no big amouunt of foreplay wanted or even accepted , about the only thing that got her going was her love of getting oral sex, start with that & you were in. She was multi-orgasmic & would *** several times while I would eat her tasty *****. The only time that sex could even be discussed was for a few minutes right after we had had sex, other times it was taboo & met with a cold "you know I don't like to talk about that" .

What she revealed to be her ONLY fantasy, & the one she used to bring herself off by mastubation, (which was the only thing she did without reservations, mostly because her mother never even mentioned that to her) the fantasy was to have TWO men have sex with her at once--sometimes by mild force , other times with her complete cooperation!!!

To say I was surprised by this would be the greatest understatement in the universe, surprised & ESTATIC!! Wanting to have Chris in a ********* & to Watch her be ****** had always been my dream, but I had never dared even think about bringing it up due to her attitude about sex. Remember, this was before I managed to better understand how she got where she was on sex.

After letting her know that I would welcome her having another man **** her , I finally asked her if she would really do her fantasy, to my great pleasure she said that with the right situation she would. We discussed the "right situation" & it was --"not with anybody we knew, not at home" & a couple of other stipulations. Over the next 5 years I tried to get something to happen, all to no avail, in the abstract we could discuss it but always there was a stumbeling block to completion, I took her one night to a swingers bar, as luck would have it , that night was dead --no one even remotely possible was there, I put an ad in a swinger mag , got hundreds of answers, she always found something wrong with all of her "suitors" . I would talk about about another man doing her when we had sex, sometimes this turned her on more , other times she would get mad, always tho, it was understood that she would --IF.

AT LAST---- IT HAPPENS !! Turned out to be so simple & not at all in line with her stated "situation".

One evening , I was having a drink after work with a very good friend, Chris was also friends with his wife. Chris knew Ray was a womanizer & most likely his wife was aware of a lot of what he did as well. He was playing around with his secretary & Chris knew that too.

It seems that his secretary wanted to tell her hubby about the two of them & try to get him to join in a 3 way with them & Ray was a bit unsure about the whole thing, so he asked me if I would call Chris to come have a drink with us because he wanted a womans input on it. As he said , "I know you two have no secrets & I am sure she knows about my secretary & she has never told my wife anything, so I'd like to ask her about it". We only lived a couple of blocks from the bar & Chris soon showed up, walking over after having fixed the 4 kids dinner & telling the oldest( 13 )to get the others to bed if we were not home by about 9.

I don't remember a thing about their discussion except that Chris was Ok with talking to him about his potential 3 way & that it was a common fantasy for a woman. My mind was busy instead turning the situation into a **** for Chris-- after a few drinks Chris left for the ladys room , while she was gone I told Ray that a ********* was Chris's fantasy & that I'd like to see her have it happen, perhaps he would like to try one with us before he makes up his mind about his secretary. After being reassured I would be fine with it he was all for it ,but said you are gonna tell her about it--not me. I agreed with this.

By now it was about 10 or so , when Chris came back , Ray asked if we had any wine at home, a nitecap would be nice before he went home & we left to go home. I only had about 2 blocks to tell Chris the plan , so as we drove home I simply said, "I think Ray wants to go to bed with us". She replied "I don't think so". I told her "Well I do & what if I'm right"? -- As she got out of the car she said "Then we'll play it by ear" .

After settleing down with a glass of wine we talked a bit , nothing sexual or even suggestive , then Ray said-- "Are you going to bed soon because I would not mind taking a little nap in that new water bed you guys just got before I go home.

At that Chris got up & said "I'm taking a shower before I do anything about bed" & went off to the Bathroom. Ray & I went to the bedroom , undressed & got in bed to wait for Chris, after a bit I got up & went in & got in the shower with her, she was being very careful not to mess up her hair or makeup & her huge silver dollar sized nipples had never been big & so hard . They were like bullets!! I told her , "see "?

" Yeah , well maybe all he wants is a nap-- he's had a lot to drink & so have we" was her response.

As I left the Bathroom I noticed the short sheer baby doll nightie she had picked out -- looks like she is serious about being sexy & ready.

Chris came out of the bathroom in the sheer Baby doll which hid little of her sexy body, her rock hard nipples clearly visable thru the lace top & the little black triangle of her silky bush peeking thru the transparent panties, both Ray & I were in bed waiting her arrival with steel hard *****.She crawled up the center of the bed, slid under the covers snuggeling down between us, waiting for someone to make a move. She flashed me a look that said "I told you so" & closed her eyes as if to sleep. In a short time I saw movement under the covers that looked like Ray was playing with her *** & Chris moaned slightly & turned her head to meet Rays kiss. He was kissing her deeply & Chris was moaning slightly, changing to a more intense groan. This surprised me as she never responds that intensely to a kiss , I raised the covers to allow me to find & suck on her *** & was treated to see the reason for the moaning, Ray had her panties pulled about half way down her legs & was already finger ******* her, using his thumb to play with her ****. She had her legs spread a bit & was rocking her hips into his probing finger---- no wonder she was moaning, my innocent "reluctant" wife had let Ray begin fingering her the second she hit the bed --no hesitation at all to give him whatever he wanted. I reached for her Panties, she raised off the bed so I could pull them off , then she spread her legs wide for him to be able to sink his finger in as deep as possible. I raised her up & slipped off the top of her nightie getting a tremendous rush knowing I was stripping my wife NAKED for another man to see & then to possess her in whatever way he would.

I then saw her dainty hand wrapped around & jacking off his rock hard ****,her wedding ring sparkleing in the dim light , another exciting shock for me as she seldom would grab my **** without a bit of prompting & now she was wildly stroking Rays large ****, no ten inch moster or anything but still larger than mine by a good bit. I was entranced by the sight of my wifes hand with her wedding ring plainly showing wrapped around his **** & jacking him off., it caused my already hard **** to grow even larger . That sight seemed to be even sexier than Ray having his finger inside her.

Ray & I both had the idea at once --suck her hard nipples , this caused an immediate reaction , she grabbed us both by the back of the neck, pulled us tight against her ****, raising up to a half sitting position to push our mouths hard against her **** & moaned " harder --harder ---- Bite Me---- Bite me!! -- hard --harder oooHHHHHHH! YYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS " As we bit & streched her nipples to extreme limits she began to wail loudly & buck her hips against his finger in her *****. This was completly new --her wanting her nipples bitten, Chris was usually very quiet during sex other than soft moans , growing loader as she orgasmed, she had never acted like this before . I had always been gentle with her nipples & she had never seemed that she got much enjoyment from them being sucked or played with, tho I did know that she liked them pulled & streched, which I did often.

Chris gives a fantastic blow job, when you can coax her into it, which is not often, but then another shock! She grabbed Ray by the **** & pulled him toward her mouth, as he manuvered into position she began to lick & kiss the head of his ****.

At this point I softly let myself out of the bedroom to give Chris the opportunity to completly give herself over to enjoying her first extramartial sex.

When I returned a few minutes later I found them in a 69 position with Chris on the bottom & her head at the foot of the bed, with Ray eating her ***** , Chris sucking on his **** hard, her cheeks molded to the outline of it in her mouth , gagging at times as he thrust too deep down her throat, the slurping of hard sucking was a sound I loved to hear her make & was thrilled that Ray was getting the best she had to offer. I still don't know what it is that she does when she sucks ****, but she makes your **** feel like it was being bombarded by millions of tiny bubbles carressing it as she sucks it --- thats the best I can describe it--- tiny bubbles.

As I stood, rock hard **** in hand watching the incredible sex scene before me Chris began to climax as Ray tounge ****** her , I saw him thrusting his tounge as deep inside her ***** as he could, something Chris loved --REALLY LOVED, I would tounge **** her to 4 -5 climaxes -- over & over every time we made love. Chris began to wildly thrust her hips as she bucked thru her climax, Wailing loudly around the **** in her mouth , raising to a long drawn out groan as she went over the edge.

As her climax subsided Ray groaned " OHH I gotta *** now !!" & turned her around to the head of the bed, Chris opening her legs, bending them to put her knees at her shoulders , waiting for his rigid **** to fill her steaming *****. Ray thrust into her in one smooth, hard thrust, balls deep , Chris has a nice tight ***** but her lubrication is so copious that it will run down the inside of her thighs, soaking the bed when she is being ******, so tight or not, there is never any problem getting any sized **** in her. The day would come when she would take a real honest to goodness 11 inch monster, also in one thrust!!

I watched in awe as Ray hammered & pounded into her, Chris wrapping her legs around his, pressing her heels into the back of his knees, locking the two of them together so she could meet his thrusts with her pelvis rocking to insure he was in her as deep as he could reach, her hands pressing on his butt to urge him to pound her hard & fast. It is a scene burned in my memory that still gives me an instant hard on as I replay it in my mind.

As Ray continued to **** her, Chris begged him "*** In me--*** in me --NOW Now Now !!! " As he was shooting his *** in her she moaned "YESSSS Yesss Yesss !!!!!" & then wailed thru another climax as he was filling her with his hot seed.

This was not a worry to either of us as Chris had been sterilized after our 4 th baby --about a year before, all of her lovers always filled her ***** or mouth & on a couple of occasions her ***, with ***.

Then I received still another shock, a nice surprise,Ray laid there for a minute on top of her, then pulled his **** out of her filled up ***** , a sight I never tired of watching, rolled on his back & slid his arm around her & she rolled over , snuggled down with her head on his chest , & all but Purred as she lay there . Remember what I had said about when its over its over -- not when she is in a situation like this.

As she lay there being cuddeled, I laid down beside her & began to carress her soft curvy butt & slid my fingers down her now dripping slit, soon she tilted her hips to invite my fingers to find & play with her **** & soaked ***** , as I played with her she kept raising up & spreading her legs till she was high enough I could get my face between her legs & begin to lick her **** & slide my tounge into her freshly ****** *****. I could taste her usual wonderful ***** but it now had another added flavor which I realized was Rays ***, but thankfully I was so hot that it didn't faze me , thus getting me ready to be happy to eat her ***** anytime after she had been ****** by another man, which I did many times.

As her passion rose again Chris turned over so I could bury my Face in her ***** to bring her off one more time, as I ate her Ray was again sucking , biting & stretching her nipples to extremes causing her to moan & wail thru another climax, bucking wildly against my lips. As she came down from her Climax she pulled me up so I could now begin to experience the indescribable pleasure of slipping into your wifes freshly ****** & filled *****, it was so exciting I only lasted a minute or so before having the most intense climax I have ever known. There are no words to convey how great the feeling is, physically & emotionally to be able to be with your wife under those conditions, unless you have been lucky enough to do it.

The only higher thrill I ever had was one night when Ray was ******* her & Chris was wildly french kissing me & then as Ray was making her come told me " I LOVE YOU !! . Somehow that is an extreme high to have another mans **** deep inside your wife & for her to whisper" I love you" in your ear.

We all lay there in sort of a heap for a bit , having a smoke & another small glass of wine & then Ray went home & Chris & I drifted off to sleep.

The only dissapointment for me was that the "new cuddly" Chris only came out to play when a lover was with us -- which happily, was often & she was a bit easier for me to get her turned on between lovers.

I hope you enjoyed this & that it was not too long, I don't know how to tell it any other way --thats how I remember it.

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That's a hot story!! Sounds like things are getting better. One thing that makes no sense though, is her guilt about having sex with you as her husband vs you as a lover. Would think especially if influenced by her mom it would be the other way around.