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Bondage Sex

I love bondage. I love to tie my wife up and be tied up by her. I would love to find out that my wife wants bondage sex with another man or a group of men. I don't know how I would ever find out. It could be either her wanting to be bound and gagged during sex or even her wanting to tie up another man. I fantasize that I accidently overhear her and a friend talking about some hot guy and she says "he can tie me up and have wild sex with me any day" or "I'd love to kidnap him and keep him bound and gagged as my sex slave". My wife was talking on the phone to the owner of a carpet company one day and he was asking the whereabouts of his worker. She didn't realize I was listening and she said, "I have him tied up upstairs". I questioned her about it and she was embarrassed that I heard it but not too embarrassed to say it to another man. To this day the visual that I get when I think of this still gets me aroused.
pmikey pmikey 46-50, M Apr 12, 2012

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