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I think that this is what drives us cuckolds. The overwhelming need to know that what your wife is doing is because she wants to f u ck another man. However this is a double edged sword because if she gets emotionally involved you could end up the looser. Thats the risk that we play with.

The adornments are the different erotic situations that you plan to put  yourselves in. At each and every stage and on each event I repeatedly ask my wife if she really wants to do this (I have a burning need to know). She responds a little resignedly (due to the repeated question) that yes she does. She also always asks me if I'm 'alright with what is about to take place or has already taken place.

With her current lover however she was the one that chose him from her group of freinds. She was attracted to him, danced with him, spent time with him, and then went ahead and seduced him. He fu ck ed her really well in marathon sessions in all types of locations and positions. The only place he has not taken her is her ***. She said he is way too big to contemplate that.

Being freinds and lovers (he dosnt know that I know that they have a relationship) means that, according to my wife that they don't just f u ck and they do n 't quite make love. That it is somewhere between. Is this possible ? this is where I would love to have input from wives that cuck their husbands.

Back to the dilemma, In order to give a guy a really good ******* I think that there needs to be 'some' emotional connection. Therin lies the fear of us cuckolds. We don't want to lose our wives.

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This is a message for your wife....... Please, if you really love your husband do it !! Not just for him but for you. I promise, that if your relationship is strong, that you will enjoy it and open doors in your life with your hubby that you didnt know could exist.<br />
After 25 years of being together, I still lust after my wife. I believe that she also loves me to bursting.<br />
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Good luck<br />
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Thats why they are so wonderful. They come back and give you another thrill on another day. They provide wet, hot experienced, no strings attached ***** to often younger guys to vent their sexual needs in, Just like sex of any other kind. (CHEERS TO ALL CUCKOLDRESS's)The differnce with cuckold sex, is that the highs are extreme and last for days.

I agree multitalented. The "hotwife/swinger" who's only out for sex doesn't do it for me. The real rush comes from knowing that she really wants him, misses him, yearns for him. The danger is intoxicating.<br />
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But there are two obvious problesm to all this:<br />
<br />
We may loose our wives-all for indulging our crazy desires.<br />
And we always want more. So where does it go from here?<br />
<br />
Is loosing her the final thrill??

XXXXXX a special kiss for Bazram.

It's a relationship that makes all the fanatasies becum reality.<br />
You have to believe that there is a chance of loosing her, having her come home pregnant etc in order for the sexual rush to be based on a viable potential. There is nothing wrong with a sponaeous shagging from a relative stranger, but the painful pleasure achieved when.........just maybe ??????

Thanks for your concern. It ic a concern,however I think I'm safe. I'm trvelling at the moment and she is with him. have butterflies in my stomach LOL

This is a very slippery slope. The continous nature makes it a relationship. You need to ask her to give it up if she can't or won't you have lost already if she does then after a while you could be magnanimus and let it resume but be very sure she is not sneaking behind your back when she gives it up. I agree it can be exciting and intoxicating but the true rush is she is with someone else and comes back to you.

I know but the bitter sweet pain of the situation turns me on. I think that I'm addicted to the emotions/hormones flying around my body. The light headedness, the humiliation and the 'temporary' loss of the most precious person to me in my life.<br />
Thank you for commenting. It's helpful to share<br />
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LOL<br />