What Worked Best For Me.....

Well, I always thought the most confident chat-up line came from the moive "And God Created Women" with Bridget Bardot,  where a young guy approaches a girl on the edge of the dance froor and says, "you've in luck, I'm available !) and sweeps her off onto the dance floor.

I knew of a friend from my living in Tokyo days who was a good looking guy and his chat up line was quite simply,  "I've got a big **** and I know how to use it ".   We all used to laugh a lot (and he always got laid a lot.)

My persona favorite chat-up-line landed me one of the true loves of my life and i seduced the women everybody was after.  I was with a group of girls in a mountain cabin two hours outside of Tokyo,  one of whom I fancied something silly.  

One afternoon while everone was sleeping on the terrace or swimming in the river I asked her if she's like to come for a walk in the forest.  We went into the forest (this was in the Japanese Alps where there are still wild bears and you should put bells on your belt so they run away....)  anyways, I took her to this grove of trees that was just stunning and was alongside a stream and the sun shone down on us.  we sat there for half an hour and never said a word.

By the end of the weekend she was chasing me ; she said any man who can sit in silence in such beauty and not say a word was for her.

post script..........    we nearly got married, i blew it by taking too much cocaine in Tokyo, but we're still very very close and see each other quite often.

zippyp zippyp
41-45, M
Mar 5, 2009