When I was 12 I gave my mom a rhinstone butterfly broche for christmas. She loved it so much, and wore it everyday. I was really glad that she loved it. My mom and I have a special connection to butterfly's, they always seem to land or flutter around us. One day the clasp broke on the broche and my mom lost it. She cried and cried, because it meant so much to her. So when I was fifteen, I was shopping for chistmas again, and saw a butterfly broche that looked exactly like the one my mom lost. So of course I bought it, and my mom was really happy. To make sure she doesn't loose this one, she always wears it on special ocassions(holidays) and dinners with friends.

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One of the best presents ever was my daughter. My husband placed her under the tree with a bright red bow. She was 6 days old. <br />
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The other a radio flyer wagon. I was 5 and a tomboy