The Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens. First Published on December 19, 1843 and losely based on the tale of Gabriel Grub in THE PICKEWICK PAPERS.

We all know the story.

The book redefined the spirit the spirit and importance of Christmas. It initiated a seasonal rebirth of merriment associatd withthe holidays. (Long suppressed by 17th century Puritan thinking).

It's depiction of the holiday reinvented the feeling of goodwill and family gatherings.

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that would be an oxy-moron...

One of my favorite stories.

Glittery - I vote the Nutcracker as the best musical. I like it also.<br />
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Kris - not sure how u perceived this story. Sorry ur aspect is so negative. I am sorry u had a bad experience with Christmas.

Shouldn't this experience be something more like 'I want to know the best winter solstace story'<br />
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Christmas is a pagan tradition not even remotely connected to Christ.<br />
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I would say celebrating it is an afront to God but...maybe not because it is a time of year where many Christians finally get around to loving others....