Age Did Matter To Us, Well Her.

We were 13 years apart. I was looking for friendship and didn't think it would ever work. She was looking to date me. We were friends and hit it off. I met her family and learned that most of them, her grandpa had all females, dated older men from the start. Her mom is currently with a guy 19 years older than her. Things were going fairly well until she just hit a stage were she wanted to date other men her age. She cheated on me for a while until I called it off because of her lack of enthusiasm for the relationship. Now that we are working on our friendship again she says things like, "I can't find anybody that talks like you." or "It's fun to hang out with these guys but they are just interested in beer and sex." It confuses me and I don't know what she's getting at. When I hang out with a female (I'm not ready to date yet, so it's just friendship) she's at my house the next day, honey this and that. But once there aren't any females in my life she disappears.
I've dated women from all age groups, younger, my age and 11 years older. I think it's the maturity of the person and not their age. I only hope, regardless of age, to find a woman who's ready to be a faithful partner. I can go clubbing, read books, take naps, ski, mountain  bike or pretty much do anything they are into. I'm ready to live life with a partner.
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My husband is 17 hrs older and stuck in his ways. When I quit drinking we no longer had anything in common and we re separated now

Age is never important unless you make it a problem.....the person counts alot more than any number...I hope you find what you're looking for Good Luck finding your Happiness :)