My Biggest Difference In Age

I was seeing a man who was around twelve years older than me, it was not something my family much scoffed at but they werent happy either. I end up getting a lot of grumbling from them when I date
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Is annoying how parents can be rather Close-minded or Traditional. I started doing my own laundry at a early age even when it ment loading it tot he local laundrymat down the block since didn't wanna bother them saying anything *fallsdown*<br />
<br />
Now I get compliments on my folding from strangers haha! XD

Oh....added in the random extra example without saying the biggest gap I had, oops &gt;&lt; was 15year gap that only lasted 4years, due to she died of cancer...bleh =

I remember an (almost) one night stand - okay a couple - once when I was 18 and she was 30, and another just the other day where she was 11 years younger. I also was in a long-term relationship with a woman 11 years older when I was 22. I learned lots in that relationship and don't regret it. I also ended it (not very valiantly) and moved on after a year.<br />

yes i am dating my girlfriend who is still in school and i am 30 now. She is 16 we are deeply in love. BUt my daughter goes to the same school should I pick them both up in my car??

I dated a young woman 30 years younger than myself, it lasted alittle over a year. She had her own place and lived alone, she would spend a weekend or a few days with me but she got a great deal of pressure from her friends and family, mostly her mother, so it had to end.

i really think age is irrelavent... you could meet someone who is 21 and acts like hes 12, or vise versa... it just depends on their personality i guess

I was a 21 year old student and my lover was 38 year old chef..It was a 3 year relationship and I learned alot about life as well as pleasing a partner..I do not regret it for a single moment.

When i was 17 I dated a man that was 25 for about a year. That was an 8 year age difference. I don't think that kind of age difference is so important if you're both mature adults to begin with, but I was far too young at 17 to be dating an adult. My parents weren't wild about it, but allowed me to date him even though there was such an age difference. I would not have allowed my 3 now grown daughters to date someone that much older while they lived with me.