15 Years

The biggest age gap I had in a relationship was 15 years.  i was 26 and she was 41, and she was perfect for me.  We had everything in common, the sex was amazing.  I even thought at one stage that I was going to marry her, but s**t happens in this world and I went and got my heart broken.  The relationship made me realise though that age means nothing in a relationship, love is love.
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Last person I dated was 11 years younger than me. Although I have to say that she was very mature for her age, and she had previously dated a 50 year old man. Not sure where that puts me, except that she was much more mature than her age. Just goes to show that age is of no concern if you really value the relationship. Time will tell if either of you is about the same maturity for each other. Another one bites the dust. Still looking for my soul mate. I haven't dated a girl much older than me, maybe that's the way to go for me.

@iamthinkin I learned a long time ago not to let age get in the way of my relationships. I think after my last relationship i feel even stronger about it, because to me our relationship was perfect. But her insecurities about our age difference forced us apart.

I seem to be most attracted to intelligent guys that are 10-15 years younger than me, and they seem to be attracted to me as well. I am shocked at my age when I consider it. Maybe I never grew up.<br />
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I am not sure where the age boundary would be, other than for the obvious legal and ethical ones. I have an amazing friend who is 30, who would love to make it more that friendship if I were not married, but our 24 year gap seems too much to me.

11 years between us.....he acts younger than me though lol