I Was 17. He Was 31.

I was 17, and he was 31 when we met at the grocery store where we were both working. I was a part-time cashier, and he was one of the buyers.

We had a very sexual relationship right from the beginning, and it evolved into some ageplaying games between us that we still play! As a girl with my own Daddy issues, it's fun to be able to have someone who plays those roles with me. He was also the first, and only, strong personality to get my otherwise very promiscuous behavior under control.

We ended up getting married, and I have been faithful to him since (if you don't count online-only relationships!) so it clearly ended well! : )
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shes 23 im 48

I'm so glad it's worked out for you guys! It gives me hope :)

I hope your relationship works out for you, too!