Cradle Robber - Guilty As Charged!

I met this wonder girl via the world wide web in 2010 and she was 28 . She had this profile that really spun my top - cute brunette, smart, very curvy, and she seemed very sweet. I was thousands of miles away, and 18 years older, but I contacted her, then she gave me her phone number. We talked for hours on the phone every day. Once we even watched a movie while on the phone , as the movie played in synch in her home and mine thousands of miles apart. I bought her a ticket to come up and see me for a week. On the 6th day as we were in my bedroom watching a movie she said, " I don't want to go home! " So she stayed and months later I told her to look in the mail for something special. I sent her a " telegram" asking her if she would marry me! She had been watching a Beatles documentary and saw Ed Sullivan reading a telegram from Elvis congratulating the Beatles for "arriving" in America. My girl said, "I never got a telegram," so I sent her one, she said yes, and now we are celebrating our first year of marriage on 3/31/12! We get along really well, not perfect, but that's part of the learning process of loving someone. Our age difference rarely causes problems, and any challenges we face are overcome by work. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
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I liked reading this story =)

Im glad you liked it. It's a fun story for me to share!

That is so lovely and romantic. Congratulations.

Thank you, Samantha! We are "two dorks in a pod", as Sarah's sister calls us.

LOL; I can do better than that; my Love and I first met when he was 17; I had JUST turned 20. I literally "robbed the cradle"; talk about JAIL BAIT...hee hee. <br />
<br />
Happy BELATED 1st anniversary!!! What a sweet story!!!

Cradle robbing is FUN! Good job :-D

Nice story. Happy for you guys. Xx

Thanks, finhp!

oh wow, what a neat story! and very romantic. ^.^ congratulations!!

Thanks, sneaky girl!