37 Years..

I was about 20 and he was 57 or so..
I'm a little ashamed for getting into this relationship, but it was something I'm glad I've tried.

Today I know that for me its not really about the age-
I'm looking for a father figure (a "daddy") but this kind of relationship has nothing to do with age-
It's all about the attitude and the vibe between us, even if he is 25 years old :)
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Me and my boyfriend are 10 years apart right now, I'm turning 19 in January, and he's 28. We met over a dating website, and our relationship is still going on for almost 8 months.

She was 22, black,intelligent, reserved, sweet, nice, worldly. I was 67, intelligent, outgoing, sincere, "in love". She chose me here on EP from among a few other guys. She was looking for an ANR partner. We started off having an ANR relationship. That was all she said she wanted at first. But the passion between us took over and we went over the top. It was still based on my suckling her breasts, which I loved so,so, so, much.... but that only turned the two of us on even more. It was unstoppable. But a sad, personal tragedy on my part came between us. Also, she had to move away. However, I still have hope that our passion and relationship can be rekindled one day. The age difference between us only intensified the experience... for me at least. I think for her, too.. She loved my purity of heart and my passionate dedication to her, and to only her. And so did I.
It was all about her alone. She became my world.

I agree last year I was 38 and she was 18 years, it was in work and I was not expecting it, she approached me and it was amazing, she was such a lovely warm person, made me feel special, it went on for about 4 months but her family frowned upon it and we had to stop.

This older guy would love to chat. Add me.

I agree; but I too had a relationship albeit a brief one with a girl of 18 and I was 43. It was very sexy but we just connected and I still see her when I am in her area.