37 Years..

I was about 20 and he was 57 or so..
I'm a little ashamed for getting into this relationship, but it was something I'm glad I've tried.

Today I know that for me its not really about the age-
I'm looking for a father figure (a "daddy") but this kind of relationship has nothing to do with age-
It's all about the attitude and the vibe between us, even if he is 25 years old :)
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Me and my boyfriend are 10 years apart right now, I'm turning 19 in January, and he's 28. We met over a dating website, and our relationship is still going on for almost 8 months.

I agree last year I was 38 and she was 18 years, it was in work and I was not expecting it, she approached me and it was amazing, she was such a lovely warm person, made me feel special, it went on for about 4 months but her family frowned upon it and we had to stop.

I agree; but I too had a relationship albeit a brief one with a girl of 18 and I was 43. It was very sexy but we just connected and I still see her when I am in her area.