I'm 17 He's 39 ? Too Big A Gap?

Basically i signed up to a dating site just as a joke really, to see the sort of poeple you could meet on there. and ive been talking to this 39 yr old. he is single no kids and i think i like him and i know he likes me. we have each other on facebook and i know he is a genuine person not a peado as i was brought up to not b nieve yet some of you may still think i am. He wants to meet, in a public place of course, he wants nothing serious just a bit of fun, we have so much in common despite a 22 year age gap and i know that if it was one of my friends i would jump on them and just say hold on a minute do you realise what you doing? but hes lovely, genuine, and like i say we have a lot in common, would it be okay to just meet him? nothing has to happen, just meet him?. has anyone had this debate or have any opinions? they are all very welcome :) 
jessicaadassa jessicaadassa
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1 Response May 19, 2012

My last gf she was 15yrs younger than I. I dont see anything wrong with it. As long as you take things slow and just be careful I dont see anything wrong with it!