Anybody Like Me?

Im 27. No ones to be called friends. No relationship. I have tried to find one last few years back but no luck.
I have myself registered to scores of dating sites, no one ever tried to reply. I feel so bad.
As Im looking back my years, I cant reminisce a time when I had spent a chance with somebody else. I am busy with life. During my school years, my etineraries are school, houselhold chores... no time for play. I even seldomly play with my siblings coz we have different chores to be done before and after school. At the age of 14, I started to find myself, looking for job to support my studies. I dont want to come to my parents or to anyone for support. I did finish my bachelors degree. I took that degree for granted just to have a degree.
I left my home to a far away land with no idea what would be my life then. I did all the jobs that I might run into never thinking that I have a degree. No choice. Initiative. I stayed active 20 hours/ day, trying to earn and save money. I did.
Now, to make the story short, I am here in Middle East working as a hospitality staff, living alone. Earning and saving a little. No relationship. Cold days and nights. Lonely sometimes. Want someone to share love ( not lust).. Open to all... Not into one night can see me on ym, skype or emails...Waiting for you and your advice... Love you hear from you guys... God bless every one...:)
HappyguyinAbuDhabi HappyguyinAbuDhabi
31-35, M
Aug 14, 2012