Older Men Are It

As an adult I've always been attracted to older men. They are the ones that seem to like me as well, so it works out.

My husband is 11 years older than I am. We are divorcing, but I don't blame the age difference for our issues. Anyway, that is another story entirely.

Point is, I can't really see myself with a man younger then me. Maybe it could happen, but I doubt it.

autimom autimom
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I met and lived with a lovely lady who is 23 years younger than me. We had wonderful fun for 2 years and then we decided to move on. The sex was great!

I remain fairly open about age, but generally speaking I find myself most attracted to men that are a bit older than me. Just the way it is.

Geezers are awesome, just can't cast them in the role of lover. Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

I've always dated older guys - first BF was 18 years older, first fiancee 8 years older, my husband is 9 years older, and my lover is 18 years older! It's the experience that gets me; I've found the older guys really know how to treat a woman right and really appreciate us.

Yeah, us older guys are the bomb. : )

My wife says better to be an old man's folly than a young man's fool. She is 15 years younger than me. when she was 21 and I was 36 it didn't matter to me, but move on 12 years and she still looks 21 and I look a hundred so it kinda matters a bit more now.

I would date anyone I connected with, within limits. I just find myself attracted to men that are older.<br />
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Yeah, analyze that dream.

Maisiedobbs: "This time around I am keeping it within 10 years. Too much older than that and they cannot keep up with me." - you're funny!<br />
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autimom, what if you met a younger guy, who had the mind on his shoulders of a man more mature than his age? <br />
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Re: Your dream about "in bed with an 80 year old man" - ewww! I'm sorry you had to go through that! lol

Indeed, age is just a number. I tend to be attracted to men that are older than me though, physically and mentally. Not geezers, mind you, but 40's is good.

Like others, I think age is just a number. There is just so much else that plays into a relationship.<br />
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For me (44) - I do tend to be more attracted to younger women. As others have said that have high energy levels, you need someone that can keep up with you.

I've gone both ways on the age thing...one serious gf was 15 years older than I was; another was 12 years younger. Age is just a number, in my book. Maturity is all dependent on the person.

I'd like to think I am open minded enough to be open to a relationship with someone of almost any age.<br />
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Reminds me of a disturbing dream I had a few nights ago. I was in bed with an 80 year old man. What the hell does that mean?

I always dated men older than I. My last bf was 12-years older. The reasons were the same... more mature... better looking... knew more about women...<br />
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Now my lover is 7-years older than I.

The actual age might not matter much, but I am just more attracted physically to men in their 40's. I also enjoy their minds, the wisdom and knowledge they have gained, and the way they think is different.

I'm 32 and was seeing a man that is 45. It was sort of a difficult thing for him. He felt like a pervert or something because of the age gap. He got over it, of course.

I must be terribly boring...only been with women close to my age.<br />
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But I must say I am inspired by those younger women who like older men!!<br />
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But for me, age does not matter. I find all women interesting and attractive.

You still like older men, Maisie?