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I was four years older than my wife in my first marriage.   When I found and married the love of my life, she was 8 years older than me.  I was so blessed to have known her and had the opportunity to receive her love, warmth, friendship and support.  They say that behind every successful man stands a strong woman.  I feel as though I stood high on her shoulders to be able to see the world.  I was indeed a very fortunate man!

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That is quite a range Andrew!

Thanks but I think you are cooldude1. ;-p

Thank you flourlady!

oh nudeinva you are too much!!

Thanks, I forgot about and episode when I was a teenager, I was 20 and she was 38 for a one night stand. The bad part is the we were down in Florida and we went outside and had fun all night long and so did the mosquitoes. Boy my butt hurt from all those bites the next morning!

I always seem to answer these.<br />
<br />
Romantic relationship, I was 26 she was 37<br />
I was 34 she was 40 <br />
<br />
Sexual --- I was 28 she was 52