I Never Thought I'd Ever....

When I was younger, I always had this idea that I would never date anyone more than 10 years older than myself. 10 seemed to be a pretty good milestone for me.


That was until last year. I was living with a friend of mine, Sharron, who was 49 years old, she had physical disabilities, so I was her carer. We won't go into what happened with her, but she one day invited her friend Max to spend a few days. At first I didn't like him, he was a very large man, and much much older than me, at the age of 52...

But it turned out Max was very interested in me, and one night he decided to pursue me. We were all sitting around watching movies, and I was, as usual, sitting on a seat in the far corner of the room, where I was comfortable, and Max asked me to come sit by him, so I could see the TV better, so I did, and he dumped his arm around my shoulder said "ah, thats better" and I was stuck. I thought it would be mighty rude if I were to wiggle my way out from under his arm so I stayed there.

A week or so later he gave me a gift... a really huge stuffed toy dog, because he knows I love teddy bears and toys. I was so excited, I gave him the biggest hug.

And then one night when he was staying over, he came into my room to talk to me about stuff, coz neither of us could sleep. And we were talking about my ex boyfriend, and I started crying, and he was just holding me and cuddling me and letting me cry it out, and then we were kissing.

He had beautiful lips, and was a very sweet kisser.

And it went from there! I was suddenly a 27 year old girl, falling very quickly head over heels for a guy almost twice my age!!!

We didn't date for very long, only a few months, as Max is a lot more sexually open than myself, and I've had bad experiences, so I'm very wary about such things... but yeah... it was interesting while it lasted.

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Age is just a # its what you feel inside and how you are treated and older man have more to offer and knows how to please you mind and body ,more than a younger guy will

That is so cool