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You Are Here!

I wait for you at the airport, where we will meet for the first time. I know all the details about you, and how you look like. We have loved each other everyday, and deeply, but yet, I know seeing you in front of me for the first time will make me nervous, and a little intimidated. I also know whenever I jump into your arms, everything will feel right. I will kiss your neck, and hide my face there, for all the tears in the world will come to my eyes because you are here. 

We walk holding hands, laughing and saying once in a while how unbeliavable and amazing it is that finally we can be together, after so many trials and hurt. With each step, my hand sweats and holds you tighter... I promise myself I will never again let you go. 

...And I never do...

A couple of years later, we are laying on the bed with our three babies. We are so happy we could have them at the same time, like we planned so many times... our two girls and the beautiful boy. They all have your eyes, and my smile... and we love them so much, almost as much as we love each other.  

When I am away from you at work, or even showering... I always feel how something in my chest feels so big it will almost burst. It always makes me cry... I know it is my pride and joy for having finally fulfilled our dreams, and for knowing how happy you finally are. 

We will watch our children grow, while we hold hands and live each day with love, and memories, and endless chats about the world, and about life, and about our friends... I will sometimes wake up at night, with one of my nightmares, and feel you next to me. Looking at your eyes closed, and your slow breathing will make me realize how lucky I am, and that yes... you are here... 

I love you.

sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 6 Responses May 29, 2010

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Thank you Princess :-)

Wonderful :)

I love when you comment :-D

I enjoy reading your stories. They are interesting and fun.

Thank you Mewold fo taking the time to read it x

This is a beautiful story. It made my day.