Well, i wouldn't say it is a dream I'm working on it right now. I want to lose all my weight and be attractive again, which I am in the process.Me and my friend are working on a 3D short for festivals. Then if people really like it we will start our own company just doing small local commercials on the side. If that picks up, we will go full time and rent our own office. Then if we have enough work hire more people and then keep on expanding. My dream is to one day go to our office, be the first there with coffee cup in hand from Starbucks. Unlock the door, turn on the lights and switch the computers on. Sit at my desk and review all the models that need to be done and the current textures and such. Maybe check out the animation and some final renders of different scenes. Then wait for my business partner to come in and say "Top of the mornin to ya!". Wait for all the employees to show up and get at their desks. Tell them our progress and what needs to be done and that maybe we are behind schedule and need to pick it up. When the day is done, go back to my condo downtown and kiss my Japanese wife that is 10 years younger than me with an *** you could flip a coin off of. Droooooooooooool.
MrJungleMonkey MrJungleMonkey
31-35, M
Apr 9, 2011