My Dreams

It is, I think, a natural process for our dreams to grow with us.  I am sure they have grown for me.
At this point in my life, most of my dreams have been fulfilled:  my children have grown to be happy, healthy, wholesome people
with real lives and people who love them.  I soon will have my last book written and published. 
I have held a job to retirement and been awarded for the quality of my work many times. 
I am proud of those accomplishments yet I have missed something I never knew was a dream until I was well
into a failing marriage:  I dream that one day I will be loved as I love: deeply, passionately, and everlastingly.
Does it really exist?  I strongly believe it does.  Here at Ep I have met someone who is all that a woman can be
at her age, and promises to be that for the rest of her days here on this planet.  She is a joy to be around,
to write to, to write for, to love. 
Obviously my age is in the way.  That hurt for a time, but I know now that love of the kind I am looking for does exist
in others.  It certainly exists in me as I feel it for her.
So to anyone that reads this and wants to know if "true love" exists, I know it does. 
It is my final dream in life, and it has always been in my heart before I even knew it.  I will find her, and if not, I will have
loved my life for what it has given me anyway.  At least I will know the joy of searching and trying
to fulfill my dreams and to have lived my life the best way I knew how.
Tuck Tuck
56-60, M
Apr 11, 2012