My dream...I had a horrible dream that I was at an amusement park with three friends (not friends from real life, just friends in the dream I guess). Anyway, we were at the park and I was dark out. No one else was there but the workers who were operating each of the rides. As we approached our first ride, we knew that this wasn't a normal park. This park was death. We got on the first ride, a roller coaster and the worker explained the rules. We knew that by getting on this ride we would probably die but, there was no way of escaping. In my dream, I couldn't get away from the ride no matter how hard I tried to run away from it...I couldn't. On the roller coaster ride, my friends and I were put in a straight jacket and we had to get out of it before the roller coaster drove off the cliff. We went on many rides after that, but long story short, we had to go through every death ride in the park. It was horrible! The workers at each ride were super creepy. They were very pale, wearing suits and looked like statues. All of my friends died on the rides and I got to live. Then I awoke. Most bizarre dream I've experienced. Any interpretations?
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This reminds me of a goosebumps book I read when I was younger