Alice in Chains - down in a hole
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I too love AIC. One of the greatest bands to come out of the 90s. They dared play the blues with a hard edge when it was only cool to be "grunge".
Ive been a drummer for much longer than you have been alive! AIC is one of the better bands Ive EVER heard.Theres something very special about a band that can reflect their pain so well. I too believe that music can "save" people, in a sense.I think what it does is lets us feel that someone understands our pain.Lane Staley went way before his time.His pain was real.
You mentioned that you relapsed.Im a recovering person myself. Relapse is part of addiction.Dont beat yourself up.But PLEASE dont keep going downhill.Its time to take action in the form of meetings or counseling or ANYTHING but continuing down a road that you know is a dead end.Sometimes we get addicted to our pain, then cause more pain for ourselves.You deserve better & you are young , with alot of time ahead of you, that can be beautiful!
Dont feel you are alone in your addiction.You are not.
A little over a year ago I tried twice to kill myself & now ,Im glad it didnt work.
Sometimes life is scarier than death!
Dont be alone & dont feel alone. I can certainly understand that you are in pain.
Would love to chat with you anytime.
You know what it will take to stop using.You NEVER have to use again!
Thats the truth.