Triple Play

  I never would have expected this, I had an incredible afternoon, my gf wanted to "massage" my belly because of the pain I have from surgery scar tissue, I wasn't about to turn her down, but every time she tries she thinks she's not doing anything right, after mentioning that to her she said "well why don't you show me, she got on the couch and lifted her shirt up, I pulled up a chair, and told her she can't see what I'm doing but if you feel it , you might not doubt yourself so much, so I lightly firgertipped her belly up, down, back, forth, she was squirming a little bit was enjoying herself, I told her that it was a warm up so you van used to how much it can tickle, you don't have to warm up on me, "ready" I said, "go ahead" she said with a smile, I circled her belly button a few minutes just slipping in and out, then I dove in, she arched her back, still squirming a little and definitely enjoying herself, I slipped my tongue in her belly button briefly, and got a squeal, went back and forth between finger and tongue, and a few squeals later, she said OMG I'm sorry I'm supposed to be helping you, I said, I said "you're enjoying yourself, I can wait", I asked her if she needs more "instructions", she paused said a few more minutes and I think I got it, and after about 45 minutes, she said "ok your turn", so we switched places, she started out slower on me than I did on her, going side to side across my belly button, slipping in and out, I was flexing, and squirming a little, then out of nowhere she stopped, and dropped her arms down down and said "I'm not doing anything right", I told her she was doing great, but she didn't believe me, then we heard the door, btw, we were at her mom's house, it was her daughter Alex that came in, she said "hi, how are you guys doing", my gf said "I'm an idiot that's how I'm doing", Alex asked what happened, she knows all about my stomach problems, I told her what was going on, she said, "mom, you're way to hard on yourself", and went to get a drink.

 She got her drink, came back in, looked at her mother, then me and shook her head and grinned, I said, "I have an idea, Alex, can I borrow your belly for a few minutes, if she can actually see what she was doing wasn't wrong maybe she wouldn't be so hard on herself, she had no problem with that and got right on the couch, Alex loves having her belly and belly button tickled, I told my gf to watch what I'm doing and you'll see it's the same thing you were doing, I started going up and down her whole belly brushing her belly button, her favorite spot on every pass, she was trying to muffle moans but they were obvious, she has an inbetweenie that could pass for an innie with a good sized know, that knot is her killer spot, it doesn't quite prtotrude from her belly button but it is noticeable, I've known her for almost ten years and have tickled her belly before and I knew her belly button is her favorite spot, but I never tickled her this long before, my gf is watching in amazement at much her daughter loves this, I looked at her, winked and said "watch this", I got her killer spot and went to town on it, she wasn't trying to hide her moans anymore, she arched her back so high i thought she would throw her back out, and put her arms way back over her head and grabbed the pillow so hard the stuffing could have come out of it, "need a break Alex", I said, she managed to say "I'm good" through very very heavy breathing, my gf's mouth just dropped when she saw this, I went to town on her killer spot again for about 15 more minutes, after that she just laid there out of breathe while I lightly tickled her belly for few more minutes, then I gave her belly button a little kiss, she got up and said " you got it now mom", she looked at me and smiled, I gave her a hug and said, "round 2 whenever you're ready" she hugged tighter and then sat down.

  I asked my gf if she still thinks she was doing something wrong, she said "let's find out", and motioned for me to get on the couch, she started the same way I did on Alex, up and down my belly and slipping into ny belly button on every pass, after a few minutes she stopped and said "I'm not hurting you, am I", I said, "no, I wouldn't still be here if you were", "are you sure", with that Alex got up and said, "OMG mom, there is no way you can hurt someone like this", and then said to me, I'll show her what to do, so she took over, I was shocked, it was like she had done this before, she had flexing and squirming, then went for my belly button, hitting the killer spots like she had known them for her whole life, she said, "mom, just do what I'm doing", so she joined her, copying her moves, it was great, after a while Alex said they needed to be on either side of me, so they got some pillows form the couch and moved me to the floor, Alex said "go ahead let me see if you got it" she went straight for my belly button this time feeling around for every spot she could find, she said "is this right", Alex looked at me, smiled and said "oh yeah you're doing good", "I'm going to join you stay there", while my gf had my belly button, Alex tickled around it, I put my hand on Alex's shoulder, she looked at me and smiled, then shifted down further and took my hand and put it on her belly so I could tickle her at the same time, my gf saw this and shifted down and lifted her shirt so I could get her belly too, I thought to myself OMG this is like heaven, it was incredible, then the door opened again, we heard "hello", my gf said "hello, we're in here, unfortunately we all stopped and they explained what was going on, Alex told her that her mom thought she was hurting me, told me to lay down, and said, "seriously, how can this hurt", and proceeded to show her gm what they were doing, she said "well, you know your mother, she's always been like that, how long have you been trying to show her what to do", she asked, Alex said "well I got here about 3 hours ago, my gf told her we got there a little more than an hour before Alex, "well, don't stop because of me", "what exactly do you do", my gf started to show her, Alex said "I'll show her", she started with my belly button and was explaining where to go and how to find certain spots, after about 10 minutes, she said "ok, let me try", so my gf's mother took over for a while and was making me squirm pretty good, then my gf joined in, and then Alex joined in again, after about an hour, my gf's mom said she had to get dinner started, after I got up, ny gf said "i think I got it now", Alex heard that and came over and hugged me and whispered, "I want rounds 2 and 3 and 4and..., so I'll help any time I can", then fingered my belly button one more time. I'll tell you, there are fun days and not so fun days, this one ranks up there near or at the top for best day ever
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So your bellybutton was played and fingered by three women.You are a very lucky guy :)
So what kind of bellybutton do you have ? innie or outie ?

I have an innie, I had "round 2" and 3 but havent had a chance to post them yet

I am glad that in this story your innie bellybutton was played and fingered deeply by three women.
Please post round 2 and 3 as well as soon as possible.

Will do