3 Things Actually

Well I think the first thing was that I helped this friend through some of his toughest times, even after he was the worst jerk and buttface to me. then, in apologizing, I was still fuming and told him that he was lucky that i stuck with him and he should be grateful. He then proceeded to say that he knew, he was extremely thankful, and that there were not many people like me, as nice and as forgiving as me. I was taken aback as I was preparing myself for a counterargument or excuse.
next thing, that same person just asked my best friend out, which I still dont know what to feel about it besides feeling lonely. i finally got the chance to talk to her and was discussing it. she said that she would have never have said yes without telling me first. she accepted his offer a couple days after she had to me.
third thing: i have a group of extremely epic and extremely ADHD friends on skype that i love dearly. they are amazing friends. I was absent for a couple weeks and then i got home and logged onto skype. they all were on and they positively GLOMPED me, and every single one of them said that they had missed my face on skype so much. their joy was so uplifting!
rubies3 rubies3
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2010