The Nicest Thing

"I know tons of guys who want to date you, but they don't deserve you." Best friend

"Do what make you happy, but know that and I'll always be proud of you." Dad

"You really impressed me. You went above and beyond my expectations." -SP mentor

In high school I was riding the bus and there was a guy who was a real tool. He used to make comments all the time about people and make racist jokes to my neighbors who rode. My friend Kyle and I would tell him off and he got really embarassed one day and called me fat (ooh, burn). Kyle didn't miss a beat and said, "No she's not, she's beautiful" and then he smiled at me. : )
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That is really touching : ) I think we have a lot to learn from our parents, but we have a LOT to teach them as well. Even if we are worlds apart in certain aspects, we are incredibly similar in others. I wish you both the best!

"I wish I could be more like you." Mom<br />
<br />
We were out shopping one day and got separated. Mom found me talking to a stranger. She didn't know the woman was someone I had just met, because we were laughing and carrying on like we knew each other for years. My mother admired that I could talk and open up to random strangers anywhere. My mother was always the shy, introverted type. I am opposite. Over the years, I had noticed something different about my mother. I noticed she was just like me, or perhaps I was just like her.