You Are Precious

This morning when I woke up and checked my mail, I have received this wonderful message "You are precious. I am glad we met."

I consider this the nicest thing ever said to me because I received it at the time when I needed to hear something nice. I have been told so many nice things before. But nice words are more appreciated when a person feels sad or when the person needs an affirmation. Last night I was both sad and needy of affirmation. Getting such a message first thing in the morning helps a lot in setting a positive frame of mind to welcome the new day and the new year filled with hope and faith that everything will turn out right.
alexisalex alexisalex
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2011

oh yes, I can tell you how much that simple statement made a difference to my morning and to my whole day!

Yes it is nice to receive a boost from a kind deed. Sometimes when I have been depressed and just going through the motions of life it has been a true lifeline when I have been able to lift my gaze up from the ground and receive a smile from a stranger. Such a small thing to give - so valuable to receive. This has happened to me a couple of times in the past and I try now to smile at the people who walk past me on the street - you never know how much they might need a freindly face.