I Wanna Know

I wanna know,
What's the nicest thing,
Anyone's ever said to you?
I wonder,
We are all so different,
Must have said somethin'.

Feel free to leave your comments here, and I'll reply here.
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1 Response Apr 25, 2012

1998 I was newly divorced. Low self esteem for many reasons. Mostly from bad experiences in my teen years that scarred me. But now I was 37 still carrying doubts, not able to take a complement. Never believed them anyway. But one day, after dating, and sharing intimacy with my new love for several weeks we talked openly about my past. He was so moved by my hurtful experiences that he coaxed me into the bedroom. There we had a full length mirror. Now this is not meant to be erotic..... but he disrobed me. While I stood there, embarrassed , blushing. 'seeing' all of me NAKED! I was in tears. I was so humiliated! I tried in vane to cover myself....... but he held me there. And gently stroked my hair, and began describing to me what HE saw. Starting with my head and EVERY part in between. When he was done I was glowing! He didn't see me at all like I saw myself! All the negatives running in my head were erased. From that day forward he called me his beautiful princess. He said because he wanted me to feel the way I looked and to match the person in my heart. I still wish I had married that man......

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