The Nicest Thing That Anyone Has Ever Said To Me....

I have three, one from three different people.

The first and the second one nicest things that anyone had said to me were from my two best friends. It was the same reasons, coincidentally, that if it weren't for me they wouldn't be the person they were today. Someone who isn't afraid to stand up for themselves and be accepting of who they are. It makes me happy that they said that.

But I think the nicest thing that anyone had said to me has to be the third person, someone who was a complete stranger to me until I met him that day. It was from my basketball team members ex-boyfriend named Alan. He said "I'm pretty for a big girl". I know it should sound like more of an insult for the ending part of the compliment, but it's not in my opinion. He had told her that I was the prettiest big girl that he ever seen, which made her a little jealous which was why she was clinging to him tightly whenever he tried to strike up a conversation with me. Growing up I've always be a bit of a tomboy and to top it off I've been big all my life. When he said that about me, I was so happy. I've never been called pretty before by a guy, let alone a handsome guy like Alan. I always smile when I think of that time, that he said I was pretty and my friend, who is drop dead gorgeous, actually got jealous of me.
Lady808 Lady808
18-21, F
May 7, 2012