Backhanded Compliment

I'll never forget it - if for no other reason than it was at my open house and coming from my boyfriend's best friend. A. wasn't very good at giving compliments, he wasn't really a people person and didn't really like to even talk to them unless he had to. I don't think anyone ever taught him just to tell a girl she was pretty or smart or funny, so when he did give out a compliment not only was it to be treasured because it was rarer than a blue diamond, it was also usually a backhanded compliment.
He always meant it in a good way, so you had to take out the negative part and look at what he was truly trying to say. Sitting there with him and my boyfriend I was surprised when he turned to me and said, "You should be a fat model."
Now most girls would assume he was trying to call them fat and I did at first then he sat me down and explained.

"No, not that you're fat, just that you're a healthy average weight. Models for normal sized women are anerxic and it's gross, but models for larger women are normal sized so you should model for them," He explained.

And if I didn't understand that my boyfriend explained it even more simply, "He's trying to say you're gorgeous and should be a model."
And A. agreed.

How can a girl forget something like that?

cdailey cdailey
22-25, F
May 26, 2012