It Made My Day

Perhaps this is not the nicest thing anyone has EVER said to me, but certainly the nicest one that I've heard from my students.

On the last day of school, this June, they came to me with flowers and one of them said: 'We would like to thank you for this whole year. And not only for the English lessons, but most importantly, for the fact that you help us shape our personalities'.

Wow. I was ... truly touched. I was over the moon! I've always wanted to be more than just a regular teacher of English. I've always felt that teaching a language is not enough for me. I really want to help these teenagers grow, to make them think, to help them understand themselves and the world around them (although I still often need help with that myself!)

So this boy's words were kind of 'dream came true' for me. It's easy to be a teacher when you have such wonderful students. And I always say that this kind of interaction and its effects are mutual. My discussions with this particular class have taught me soooo much, too. Not to mention all the fun that we had along the way! And so I also thanked them - for being who they are and sharing themselves with me so willingly.
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Awww<br />
Great, you're an English teacher, now I'll be on my toes for proper everything. <br />
My favorite teacher ever was my english teacher, for making me love and want to write. I should actually start doing that again, real writing.

Nah; if there's anyone who needs to be on toes here, it is me. I teach English as a second language, here, in Poland. Polish is my first, and so I do realize all the limitations coming with it, especially on EP, among native speakers :)

Oh my gosh, really? You're Polish? I'd never guess from the way you write English. I can't even pick up an accent

:P It's a very nice compliment, thank you :)

Beautiful story, and beautiful grammar too! It's nice to see a change from all of the usual quick-written help letters.

Thank you!

That really is beautiful. Teachers often go without praise, it is nice when somebody acknowledges not only the hard work that you put in, but the heart that you put into that hard work. Keep up the good work. <br />
<br />
*damn it. Could I have finished that off with something a little less lame? Keep up the good work... tut.Okay, just move along. Let's hope that no one noticed...*<br />
<br />
Umm... Good job spring... :-/<br />
<br />

:) Nothing lame here, Scorpio. Thanks for your kind words!

Beautiful story, Spring! You are exactly the kind of teacher this world needs.

Thank you, Datura. ((hugs))

That was a wonderful compliment! (my sister is a teacher and I know how difficult this job can be ..... And she is an amazing teacher and person).

It is difficult sometimes, but it's worth all the effort; I'm sure your sister shares my view :)

She has her ups and downs but yes, I believe she does! :)

Okay, you had me crying once again with this. I have no doubt that you are a phenomenal teacher, but more importantly you are a phenomenal person--I mean that you have a way of connecting with people, especially teens apparently, so that they are grateful for the interaction. It just warms my heart to read your stories about how you help young minds develop. <br />
I have a teen whom I love with all my heart and she struggles with so many issues. I cry because I wish she had more people in her life like you. She does have teachers she adores and who adore her, but I am not sure that she would be able to articulate her feelings the way your students seem to be able to do with you. That to me says that you are approachable and kind and open and full of love for them and for your chosen profession and for life. I LOVE reading what you write.

Quintesse, your comment is definitely one of the nicest things I've ever heard... You're not the only one crying here, your words made me teary eyed too. I love teens - they make me smile and laugh and wonder and think. I love their curiosity, their enthusiasm and the fact that they are genuinely interested in how life works. And I'd love to meet your daughter, you've written so much about her here that I feel as if I knew her a little bit already. I really hope she will overcome her struggles and problems with time, as she grows up. I used to be VERY confused about life when I was teen, too - maybe this is one more reason why I feel I need to help young people with their 'demons'. And your words: 'I cry because I wish she had more people in her life like you' mean so much... Thank YOU. I had a lump in my throat reading it.
Quintesse, YOU are a phenomenal person - you always find a way to make people feel good and important. It's a gift. I am open when I am with teens, but I'm much more reserved and introverted with others in RL. I don't know why. I wish I was as open when it comes to connecting with people as you are. Thank you SO much.

I love you too