Tell Me What Is the Nicest Thing Anyone Told You...

 Hi,  I would like to know "What is the nicest thing or words anyone told you in past?   What things made you --feel   "Nice" or " Respectable"  from someone?   

 I was so happy to hear  " My grandmother  told  me -you are so cute, want to eat you..."       " You Passed !  at the driving lessens"   " I give you A..  from my math teacher."   "Here is your check - at the first part time job... Then the owner told me not comeback next day..  It was nice , but sad time.   " Here is your key" the first my own apartment in Manhattan.    The first love note exchange from the girl friend at a middle school...  that was the best... 

So,  I really  want to know your story too  !!!


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Hi javab--- That's good one. Especially from your kids will be super.<br />
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Hi Contemplationiske y - Thank you. That's great! I learned something from.

"you're always smiling and have this upbeat personality that is amazing, i love your laugh and its just that no other girl lmakes me feel the way you make me feel, my heart skips a beat when i hold your hand, there's just so many reasons to love you."--the guy that showed me that it's ok to trust someone completely and I will always love :)

WOW this is nice.. You are lucky to hear that.

The nicest thing I can remember in the recent past someone has told me is that I opened their eyes to a new way of experiencing life.