Wow, Many Nice Things...

I cannot pick just one... and you know what?  That makes me super happy considering how down I've been feeling for the last few years.

I've been told that I am intellegent, sincere and kind, that I would make a good mother, that I was a great asset to my employer, I've been told how much I am loved (by my husband) and how much I've been missed by my mother and my best friend.  I'm sure there are more but those things just popped into my mind.

Thanks for suggesting such a neat statement!  It felt good to post!

cupcakeuniverse cupcakeuniverse
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Very profound indeed, missvelvet...

I was once told that I was the most 'real person' somebody had ever met. It was a very simple statement, yet very profound.