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One of the nicest things ever said to me was……… “You Mo*ther Fu*&er!”   Let me explain and I apologize as this is a little long, but I was discussing in a meeting that sometimes some things happen that on the surface it doesn’t make sense, but once you know the rest of the story it makes sense…So being called a “mother Fu*ker” was for me a nice thing………. I was going to a friends apartment complex to help her finalize getting out of her lease early, the area she lived in was deteriorating fast and she had found a new job in a new city and was in a bind……having a little experience in that and her being like a little sister to my wife, I was trying to help………as I arrived there was a few people standing in the courtyard in front of the office…..I didn’t pay any attention, and we went in and took care of her lease issue and we were walking out…as we left the office I could tell this man and this woman were having a rather open disagreement……and it looked like a textbook episode of COPS….she appeared to be completely at her wits end, down on her luck, not pretty, but with the right clothes, make-up and time she would be very attractive, you could also tell that she was a little out of place, that she had came from a much better place…He looked like a Dog the Bounty Hunter wannabe (only didn’t dress as nice….yes I fully intended that to be sarcastic)…He was not big, not small, but long stringy hair, sunglasses on top of his head…..no sleeves so you could see his guns, boots….you know the look .I…… tried to ignore them and not make eye contact and just head toward the car….as we were passing, what who I assume was the woman’s daughter, I’m guessing about 10-11 came up to them and was trying to get her mom to go back inside, just seeing a child in this always breaks my heart. I could the argument was heating up and I was thinking about either going back in to the office or calling the police when I saw Dog the Wannabe (DTW) grab the little girl by the hair and basically throw her to side, where she fell in a heap, the woman, stunned was torn between lashing out or going to her daughter seemed to freeze……Me I cannot explain the rage I held, I pride myself on not being violent…..I was a Gold Gloves Boxer, I played college football and was around my share of Macho Bull Sheet…..but still never indulged into fighting unless necessary……but like you see in the movies, instantly I was enraged, I had tunnel vision, I could only see this excuse of a human….I could actually hear him and myself breathing and nothing else…..I estimated I was about 15 feet away from him when this happened and to this day I still don’t know how I closed the distance, I know I didn’t run or lurch, but I was next to him in an instant…my instincts took over, while I was enraged, it was like I was directing my body like a remote control car or playing a video game…I hit him with my fist, with an overhand right punch that caught him just below his left eye, my fist also make a little contact with his nose…..the sound was sickening….unlike the movies, when you hit someone in real life it doesn’t make sounds like on television……it sounds like dropping a steak on the floor….at the instant I felt my hand hit his face my brain, eyes and whole body was filled with a sharp pain that instantly made me wince and almost throw-up and I knew without a doubt I had broken my hand or wrist…..but while still enraged, I mechanically swung my left hand, balled into a fist, in a perfect left hook and hit him just above his right ear and he was falling, this punch landed solidly too and I think may have hurt him more than the first…..and without thinking I throw another punch with my right hand that just grazed his face as he was hitting the ground, the mere graze of this punch caused my broken hand to shoot searing pains up my arm again, I was preparing to fall on this man and I’m sure I was going to continue hitting him until I could not punch any longer……at this point I was hit from behind in what I can only describe as a perfect tackle, I was taken to the ground with such force that all the wind was knocked out of me……..I expected to be pummeled by an unknown assailant, yet I looked up at a police officer…..and I thought..great….how am I going to explain assault and battery to my family………I looked over the other officer was attending to DTW and the officer that tackled me help me up, I muttered something like…… “Man I’m sorry I know you gotta do what you have to do “and was putting my hands behind by back in preparation for the handcuffs….he looked me and laughed said…. “we were pulling up when we saw what he did and we pretty sure you actions were self-defense”….he was still grinning and goes…..:”let us know if you want to press charges” we walking back by and DTW was being pulled to his feet and looked at me, we made eye contact and the best way I describe the sound of his voice is that of child pleading their case with parent….he says…… Sum b*itch you moth*er Fuc*ker”…………music to my ears…..I saw the little girl standing with her mother I wanted to say something to her, but I could tell she didn’t know me and what I had displayed made me just another violent person and I felt incredible sadness…..her mother was smiling at me, and I saw appreciation in her face and I heard DTW pleading with the police officers…..”but that crazy moth*er Fu*cker attacked me”………While I’m sure violence is not the answer, sometimes that is the only thing some people can understand, I hope after that day, DTW always, at least thought and hesitated if he ever considered hurting a child again…………..to this day on cold, damp days my hand hurts like hell……and I’m always reminded of that incident and why being called a Mot*ther Fuc*cker was a nice thing…………if you’ve got this far, please look out for the children in the world…..they need to be protected from the adults who refuse to grow up……….take it from a mother….well you know……..

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I just wanted to say that (I tend to think little of most people) I cannot handle children or animals being hurt (they are innocent, I guess? Vulnerable?) It makes me feel violent and think violent things. I am a very rational and diplomatic person most of the time, (liberal-ish if that's relevant, and aware of everyone's POV and the psychological processes behind it. Basically, I don't get heated by most things like you would expect. [My sister will say 'you're a better person than I am' but honestly, shes def the better person. Beside the point.]) But things like that... During your story I teared up and cheered you on as I was reading. Both you and the cops made the right decisions. And I am disgusted by DTW. That is saying a lot when coming from me.

Flirtybutbeautiful............Thank you for reading and commenting…….I truly appreciate your kind words….you are such a positive, giving person………However, I still struggle that I didn’t act differently….yes maybe the guy may not do that again, but I think what if, next time he may be worse to prove something….. I struggle with the stupidity and danger I put myself into…..this person may have had a gun, a knife, or just beat the living daylights out of me…….<br />
<br />
.what I didn’t write was that yes my hand was broken….it has healed but it will never be the same..every time I box, play golf, baseball, many times it becomes irritated………also minutes after the above happened I was overcome with emotion…..crying, throwing up, completely a basketcase……… because all I could think of was, what if something would have happened to me, who would take care of my little girl…I know that we have to live life, and we can’t protect everyone/all the time…but we can make good decisions……I hope what I did made that little girls life better, I hope it changed the man to restrain from that in the future…..what I wish more than anything was that people, especially children, didn’t have to be hurt just because………..thank you again for reading...... you truly have a generous spirit……