Tough Choice...

Even an ******* like myself, has had some nice things said about him. From compliments about my look (some chicks dig it I guess) to how well I write, to how well I played basketball in my youth. Not too many actually mean a lot. We do not often remember most things people say. They rarely stick.

Sometimes, someone says something that hits you right between the eyes. Last week she said, as she lay next to me in bed with the prettiest smile: "Papi, I am so happy you are home."

Something about the way she said it, and how she meant it, hit me. It scared me. It made me feel, think and wonder. It was one of the nicest and most AMAZING things anyone has ever said to me.

EricS EricS
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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Thank you, Jessie. <br />
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I know it takes some effort...yeah. We can make it...