Love Letters

These days not many people write love letters.  Email and text messages seem to be a more popular form of communication - unfortunatly, unlike letters, we are far less likely to hang on and store emails - and its impossible with text, if your cell inbox fills up you have to delete.  Over 5yrs my boyfriend Max has sent me lots of really sweet little text messages.  I kept many of them for as long as I could - but alot have been lost.  Now, if he sends me something that really makes me smile, I type it up in a file so it wont be lost. 

Here are some special messages, I hope there will be many more to come. 

Oct 2008:  Hey honey-pie.  You make me smile every time I think of your pretty face, which is often.  I love you.  

Sept 2008:  (After we had an arguement while in a long distance relationship)

The reason Im a crappy boyfriend is Im not even whole. I never feel myself because the best part of my life is so far away.   I love you and I need you to be me. The only thing keeping me going is you at the other end. I love you and I try my best to make you feel as loved as I feel for you. I miss you so much. I want you to realise that you are such a great person and I always know how lucky I am to be in love with you.

(I forgave him ;) lol )

Feb 2008:  I love u more than there are Hundreds & Thousands in the bulk bin at Bin-In.  

Nov 2007: Hey honey pie I love you. Missing you so bad I even squeezed my own bum to see if it was as good as yours…its not. Hehe x   

Jan 2005: I love you.  You are why I breathe. Without you, I cant be me.

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9 Responses Mar 8, 2009

lol <br />
Oh, I love the hundreds and thousands text by the way, that is just so sweet you could die!!!!!! :D

Hehehe thanks, I knew you would approve :)

Oh Aurora!!! That's beautiful! So sweet and cute and loving! Your Max is a silver tongued devil lol, its soooo obvious he loves you to absolute bits, you lucky thing!! :D And he knows what he has in you and appreciates you, which is so awesome!

Hehehe Bin-In is a chain of stores that specialise in bulk goods. They have all the stuff in these giant bins and you scoop out how much you want and pay by the weight.<br />
So it means LOTS and LOTS :)

Scoobs - At least written down I can look back and remember - ahaha and show the kids what a softy Dad is, if it ever comes to that! Hehehehe yea, we were apart a long time and Max is something of a bum squeezer, either that, or my bum is especially deliciously squeezable ;)<br />
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Thanks flour :) He's lovely and I too hope it continues for a long, long time :)

sounds like he is very nice. hope it works out for you both!

Very nice indeed. Writing is becoming such a lost art. What a good idea to type them up yourself for safe keeping! I don't think I've ever missed someone so much I squeezed my own bum. (!) But I am going to now!

Thanks Nude :) I treasure his messages and consider myself very lucky to be on the receiving end of them :)

Max is indeed a very lucky guy. You are indeed a treasure and he acknowledges how lucky he truly is to have you in his life in his text missives!