You are my Sanctuary.

Isn't that the sweetest!


DrewBerry DrewBerry
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14 Responses Mar 12, 2009

With a name like that he could be a turtle too :)

My man - SkinnyBudda (purpously mispelled BTW)... out of respect. LOL.<br />
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He is my Sanctuary Too. <br />
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May we ask, who said this to you Drew (not one of those lovely turtles?)?

This gets you into the BF Hall of Fame SkinnyBudda!<br />
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I 'heart' you~

You got one of the best keepers DK's woman. <br />
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How about: "You're EVERYTHING I want in a woman"?

My Man tells " You sure are Purty, you are my dream come true. I Love you."

Yeah - I have to remember how great it really is... to be loved and appreciated so much. <br />
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Thanks Flours

that is a great thing!

thanks EVERYONE.. It was pretty amazing to hear, indeed.<br />
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Good one Lilt - you've got a keeper!

My husband recently said, <br />
"You are my life's greatest accomplishment."

What a wonderful thing for someone to say! I think I would get tears in my eyes if someone told me that!


That would be an amazing thing to hear.

You are MY Sanctuary MissYooHoo