The Question That Changed My Life Forever ...

Do you want me to love you?

I was asked that question in 1983, Of course I said yes and my life was changed forever ...

SantanaRex SantanaRex
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6 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Robyn - I would say 10 - 15 years of fun, 5 -10 years that we made it through, and a couple years that just to be perfectly honest sucked. But I would take those percentages any day of the week - The highs were so high and I only really remember some of the bad times. Matti was my best friend in the whole world!! I am very happy you have found love! Cherish your sweetie ... by your actions let her know that she is your one and only!<br />
<br />
adaris - Guess you can't always judge a book by its cover - I know she's right about you too ...

that would have been the biggest mistake ever!

shine - there was no possible way I was going to say anything but yes at that point!

NVA - the memories do bring me peace and joy.<br />
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moonstone - I was 21 and had known Matti for two years before she finally asked me that question ... she knew what my answer was going to be .... because she knew how long I had been waiting for her to ask the question .... we were together for 25 years before she passed away last year .... I am glad we took the chance too! <br />
I hope everything works out for you too! :)

I was asked that and wanted to say YES!!!!!! but didn't.<br />
Now we're lovers anyway and I love him with all I have but he... well... I'm not so sure.<br />
Good for you, that you know how to take your chances.<br />

How powerful the most simple words are. They start a ball rolling which brings us a lasting impression and joy in our lives. I am glad you had that moment and the resulting joy. I hope that these memories bring you joy and peace!