The Nicest Things Anyone Still Alive Has Said to Me

I still can not believe my Angel created a group for me to say I was a wonderful person and wrote these words ...


Thanxs Dad.. 

P robably i shouldnt write dad..but i dont care.Thank u dad(for those who dont know hes my Ep dad)for everything.


You are a wonderful person,more than wonderful.The others cant understand what it means to me,i think..I ve learned a lot from you..You said u are proud of me..well i m proud when i say i m ur daughter too.I m happy for knowing about Coley and Matti..I m glad i feel u are family..I m glad to know also Love,shes sister too and i met her coz of u.

Thank u for the time u helped me study for my test,thank u for listening and understaning,thank you for being u.You are a wonderful person and i m glad i know u.

Many hugs dad*


There are people here that don't think I should have 2 EP daughters, who call me Dad. We have been attacked for it in the past which is why Angel says she probably shouldnt write Dad.

Well I don't care about what some others may think because I love and care for my EP daughters and I have the same hopes for them as I have for my own kids that they can grow up safe and become the best possible people that they can be. They both have so much potential and are both loving and sweet and kind. I know their futures will be very bright! I am as proud of my EP children as I am of any of my own. I really do think of  them as an extended part of my family now!

I found EP because I did a google search for "widowers", what I found was so much more. EP and the people I have met here have changed my life forever.

So if anyone wants to attack me feel free no one will ever really understand what my EP daughters mean to me. And I will never ever again be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed or wrong to say I am their EP Dad! I am glad I know them too!

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flour: I am glad you liked the story <br />
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for everyone: My Angel is in the hospital please pray for her! Here is link to her story<br />
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thanks for this story- it was beautiful

thx - we need your prays now. one of my Angels needs help

It felt very good good to tumble into such a loving story. You are a wonderful group.


my words are not enough to thank u..many hugs*

That is a nice tribute. She is always so sweet too.

sleepless i feel the same way about you! Thanks a bunch :)<br />

You are great person Rex. we have met just a few days ago but it was enough to feel your warm heart and wonderful personality. You have a nice, kind and bright soul. I am glad i know you :) Hugs*

thx Nva I am glad I have your support

Hey Dad roi - love and support mean everything! :-)

I am glad I could make you smile today Angel, hang in there sweetheart ... its okay to be scared now but you have alot of folks out here to support you. <br />
<br />
If this was the movie its a wonderful life I would be the one scrambling all over town asking people to let you know how much they love you and support you! So i will have to do that in some sort of virtual way and I may not be able to take your fears away but maybe i can help make sure your not alone! <br />
<br />
Floyd - thanks a lot i think your wonderful too! and I hope you never lose that positive outlook of yours! Now we need to make sure Angel gets all the love and support today that we can send her way!

You are a wonderful person rex, stay at it! =)

i m afraid but u made me smile dad..i m glad u are here..