A Lifetime Ago

I was working at a camp, it was the last night and I decided that I was going to spend it with well call him Bob he was the most amazing person I have ever meet and I loved him to death ( he was dating a friend of mine so i was hands off)

We were walking around talking and hanging out with everyone and than we walked by the lake a lone and around camp till it was time for me to be back in my cabin ( 2 hours before I had to leave) and we were talking and I said something like if only I could be Cinderella like the one from Disney exactlly than I would be perfect, and he grabbed me took my head in his hand and said

" Your so perfect, and you don't even see it, which makes you more prefect and more beautiful and more amazing than you already are. If I had a mirror so you could see how brightly you shine and how beautiful you are I would. Don't ever change, be you and one day you will see it "

and than he kissed me i mean kissed me, and i knew he meant it, I kissed him on the check told him goodnight and skipped to my cabin. A few years later we were engaged and in love and than it was done

Starbuck82 Starbuck82
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Awww.....a treasured memory. Cherish it, it's probably true.

thats so sweet. but strange how the sweetest things can come from ppl we're not... well "connected" to anymore. maybe fate wants to have only one image of special people. so they stay special in our minds. =)

awww, that is so adorable(: