Strange But Nice.

"how much do you like me?", i asked. (i expected something normal for him to say, like "alot")

he says, " take a pickle. now chop it in half. slice it. now dice it into little pieces. now take one piece and put it in an envelope. now do this with all the other pieces. now send these envelopes to as many people you can around the world. now the distance between them, is only half of how much i like you."


.... lol it may not be the sweetest. but it was sweet. and definetely original. i loved it. lol.

Jadea Jadea
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

i think thats sweet that that's what you consider the nicest thing you've been told. we all have different things that we consider special. =)

I have been told several times that I am a good Mom. My now grown children wouldn't agree but that is the nicest thing I've been told.