The Best Compliment I Can Remember

  I am an average looking person, I don't frighten little children, but I never won any contests either.  One of my better features is my eyes, but b/c of thick lensed glasses, no one ever really notices them much.  I was once a serious boyfriend, we went on to be engaged for a while, who was fairly romantic and complementary.  One day, after making love, he sat and stared into my eyes for a long time.  You have lovely eyes, he said, very unusual.  Yeah, I replied, no one ever knows what color they are.  How come?  Partly because they seem to change with the weather it seems.  Sometimes they are bluish, sometimes grayish, sometimes dark green with weird flecks in them.  Not really hazel or green or blue.  I know what color they are, he announced!  What?  They are the color of the sea on a stormy day.  Deep, dark, mysterious, maybe dangerous, totally unpredictable.  They fit you perfectly. 

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

wow, that's beautiful.

At the time, I was quite infatuated with him. But I was not in love with him. He was sweet, ardent,7 yrs younger than I, but also jealous of my son, sister and some friends. At Xmas (after I had gone to Boston where he had been transferred), he wanted me to leave my son in Texas with my ex,drop out of the Master's program I was currently enrolled in, move to Boston right then and get married. I was infatuated enough to say I would think about it, but i wanted to finish that year, make some arrangments and then possibly move there in June and think about marrying in maybe December. No! I had to decide right then! Well, then, no, I answered. I don't want to rush into things like this w/o some thought and planning. He was furious that I wouldn't decide then. I came home, thinking we might talk this out and make plans for later. But no. He burned all my pictures and the gifts I had given him (books), except a St Christopher medal I had given him when he left. He FLUSHED that! Called one time to tell me all this, and I never heard from him again! I guess I dodged a bullet with that one. LOL

That was a lovely thing to say to you. Were you in love with him?

He was quite sweet (a Pisces, what can I say?) He also said that my somewhat (at that time)slightly plump figure was Rubenesque. Another keeper.

thats sweet. =)