Real Love

“Wonky?  Baba?  Bunny?“

Let me explain.  I was watching my 22 month old granddaughter.  I’d been with her since Friday afternoon and we were approaching the end of a long, cold, dreary Sunday.  We’d been housebound with all the snow and freezing temperatures.  To be honest, I had no energy and felt exhausted, as she is a non-stop ball of motion.   I was also getting very, very bored.  Oh, to be young again… *sigh*.  I put in her favorite movie, “Monsters, Inc.” for the bazillionth time (she finds it in the cupboard and insists), and I sort of collapsed into what we call our “big chair”, a recliner where we sit and read or cuddle, while she danced to the opening tune of the movie.   It’s no secret to my close friends and family how depressed I’ve been this winter, but I try my very best not to let this seep into my time with the baby.  I usually dance along and clap with her or give her kudos on her cool dance groove, but this time, I simply didn’t have it in me.  I curled my legs up onto the seat and lay my head down on the arm rest.  She stopped and turned around to see why I wasn’t playing along.  For a couple quiet seconds, she just looked at me…actually, it seemed right through me, curled up in my sadness.  She stared for a couple seconds, tilted her head, furrowed her little brow, and gave me a very concerned look.

“Wonky?” she asked.  She turned and grabbed her blanket, and put it over me, carefully tucking it all in around me.  “Baba?”  She handed me her bottle.  Then she offered the grandest, most loving  gesture of all:  “Bunny?”  She tucked her beloved security bunny under the blanket next to me.

But she wasn’t finished.  Next came a couple books, then her electronic baby laptop, her favorite stuffed animal, and a bunch more toys.  Finally, she gently piled about 20 pounds of wood building blocks on me.  

I was literally covered in love.  


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.Seeing your lovely little piggy avatar is a boost...just always makes me laugh!<br />
Hope time eases up for you My.

Thanks, Frito. I've missed you, too. One of these days I'll get writing again. Seems right now all I have time for is a quick pass through. :(

Some stories just cry out to be a favorite book or poem...this is one! Thanks My!<br />
<br />
I've missed you and I've missed your wonderful stories.

Thanks, Bassy and ISludge. She is amazing. :) *spoken by a true grandma*

Almost had me welling up there. It's amazing how such a small creature can already have such a great sense of empathy/sympathy/care.

Damn.....just made me cry on Christmas day. That is so sweet. What a precious memory.

awww... That's sweet.

Thank you for commenting. =) I hear you. I think it's easier being a grandma in some ways, but I am also very aware that someday the storms may come. I admit I worry. But for right now it's just fun to see her sweet and innocent...and just as loving a year later!

your a very very lucky grandmother to have a loving and sweet grand-daughter. I really hope she stays her loving and giving self forever especially during those hard rebellious teenage years and mostly after finding out that sometimes life's not fair.

your a very very lucky grandmother to have a loving and sweet grand-daughter. I really hope she stays her loving and giving self forever especially during those hard rebellious teenage years and mostly after finding out that sometimes life's not fair.

What an angel, and yes, I agree, she has seen, felt and copied the outpouring of love and comfort. What a blessing. Your story had tears pouring down my face at "Wonky?". My grandson is 2 1/2 so I can readily identify with the innocence and adoration and gloriousness of that little person. X@

You're welcome for the smile. =)

Thank you, LordV. I appreciate how you follow up and read my stories.<br />
Anan, that says so much about who you are. This friend may need someone who can step in at some level and act as a parent. I know it was this very dynamic in my life that made me feel validated and worth something to somebody. I'm glad you got to hear those words.

The nicest thing that someone has said to me was "I wish you were my dad" from a friend of my sons, and he really mean't it when he said it.

How sweet,<br />
<br />
She is so lovely, and it shows how much she loves you,<br />
<br />
thanks for sharing this great story,

Thanks for commenting, Heart. =)

That was awesome...I have tears in My eyes...Thx for sharing that.

Thanks Sleepless. I know how much you love the little ones. :)

trepii, I think you're in the wrong room. Way to go on your masters, though...<br />
Thanks, allrog... I am always better when she's here with me. I have her today, in fact. She's cute....

told me to drop out, was wasting my time. I ended up with going from a ged to a masters in psych

Thanks, everybody.<br />
goahead, I'm so sorry you lost your husband. It's amazing that a three year old could carry you through such an emotional time. I'm glad she was there to help you. Children are the best reason to carry on.

Bless her little heart, she certainly loves her nana, take strength from that.

The love of our little ones, I took my 3year old granddaughter to church with me shortly afer my husband passed the music is so hard for me to make it thru without crying I was trying my best not to but there was no controling it tears running down my face she takes her little hands and cups my face rubs her forhead and nose on mine back and forth so gently I see her little lips start to pucker up and know I have to do something fast so I just look at her and smile that was all it took she was ok and so was I. Such gentle loving little hearts

Lovely sweet story :)

Lovely sweet story :)

What a beautiful story. How much we can learn from children - the innocence of childhood where real emotions haven't been tarnished.

What a touching story! I hope she never loses that sweetness.

Aw, empeeps, you were both so fortunate to have those years together. You're reaping the rewards of that bond and a job well done! Thanks for commenting!

Destry, they do give our lives focus and purpose. <br />
Salar, you are so right, even if it's just a few moments reprieve.

The complete love of a child , bannishs all worrys before it Myonis .........

Thanks, Pedro. :) I have to say, as cold as it was outside, I sure felt all warm and fuzzy, even under a hard pile of blocks.

Phew, thanks, lauren. I do know how carried away some people can get. It's kinda scary.<br />
UC, I needed this moment in my life and it came from a toddler. Unconditional love is not always easy to find, is it?

OH! I'm crushed! You'd probably throw the blocks at me, wouldn't you!?

You are extremely lucky, to have the love of your grandchild. There a lot of people that does. Envy that love. I wished that I could have been there to see that love. And to dream that it one day could or would ever be shared with me. I am a 60 year old man, married 21 year, no kids. I will never be able to share that love that you were able to share. Enough of my crying now, and after I dry my tears. Please treasure that time. I would give anything to be able to share just a few seconds of that time. You Are very lucky. I better quit this writing, it is getting to hard to do this in the middle of the tears.

I'd cover you with blocks. :)

Oh, good word, lauren! Yes, and I'm wishing we could all learn how to speak to our children in healthier ways. I went to another Compassionate Communication workshop over the weekend and I said, "If every child could learn this from the start, none of us would be sitting here." There would most certainly be peace, love, and compassion, something I think all humans need.

I am... very, very tightly.

Those blue eyes...yes, ZG's are crystal blue... I know the feeling.<br />
Thanks, frito. She has some things going against her already and she doesn't even know it. It makes me so scared... I would go to the ends of the earth for her and only hope that sweetness remains, no matter what life throws at her.

Smothered and covered with love. Cool!

Oh how I've missed you My...this is a wonderful story...we sorely need more of you and stories like this on EP!<br />
I know I'm just a goner for these stories but it's sooo SWEET. She had me at the giving of her blanket...but by the time of the gentle covering with the 20 blocks my eyes were brimming.<br />
Maybe she won't lose that sweetness...her spirit is so loving and kind! :)

It was a very sweet moment and she keeps me going just because she's here on earth. I had to wonder when that softness and natural nurturing starts to fade. I felt very, very loved, but also a little sad... scared of her losing that sweetness once she starts to feel life's blows.

Awwwww that's so cute!!!<br />
It's good to know that someone cares for you. <br />
Soo cute.

now how do you like that! what an intuitive baby! i hope she healed your heart, at least a bit :)