I'll Never Forget What He Said To Me.

It was the end of a summer program I was in, we had all gotten very close to each other in the month we stayed there. It was coming to an end, and I have to admit, no one was looking forward to it.

Now before I tell you what he said you have to know who I was before and after this program.

Before it I was a shy and judgmental person, coming out of the program I had more confidence and a much opener mind.

It was the night before the seconde to last day, and we were practicing a ceremony for the last banquet. It was very touching, even for a practice run many people were in tears.

I was back at the dorms, waiting for a partciular somene to hug before I went to bed. A different friend of mine came in, he was crying.

He came over to me and hugged me tight. He held my shoulders and looked me in the eyes and told me" Don't ever change for anyone, ever. You are an amazing person, don't change that for anyone." He was crying, his words struck me deeply. He had so much emotion saying it, I started to cry as well.

I can feel tears welling up as I write this.

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oh that is really nice